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We know you have a lot of questions when it comes to roofing. Check out the following pages to learn more about metal roofing and get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions we get here at Texas Energy Savers Co.

A standing seam roof is made of vertical metal panels and, as the name implies, each panel has two seams that stand up vertically. The seams are filled with a hot melt sealant and crimped together, which forms a barrier against the elements and leakage.

Standing seam roof

A stone coated steel roof is made from steel and coated with stone chips attached with an acrylic film. Stone coated steel can be made to emulate traditional roofing materials such as wood, tile, and slate. In addition, this material is extremely lightweight and fade resistant.

Stone coated steel roof

Standing Seam Roof

We have almost 35 years of experience honing our expertise and knowledge of our specialty area - metal roofing. Whether it's our proprietary, Energy Star rated roofing materials or our constant commitment to excellent customer service, there are so many reasons to go with us. If you're ready to upgrade to metal, we're ready for you.


- Class 4 metal roofing certification (HIGHEST IMPACT in the industry)

- Wind resistance fire prevention, hail resistance

- Certified with Texas Department of Insurance and Engery Star

- Guaranteed wind resisitance up to 150 miles per hour

- Save on long term maintenance costs

- Add resale value

- Costs usually recouped at 3/4 of the job cost

- Ask about insurance and tax discounts awarded for metal roofing

We are very knowledgeable about the services and products we work with, and always share the knowledge with you.


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